All products are produced according to the standards of the Fair Wear Foundation. We wish to inspire you and hope to be a comfortable element that sparks your creativity and fuels your adventurous mind. Something like that cannot be truthfully created if people have to suffer. Fair is the only way to go.


We are against animal cruelty. Neither people nor animals should suffer. That’s why we only work with Vegan, PETA approved clothing. We have the knowledge and the tools to treat our living and breathing environment with the according respect and gratitude. There is no reason not to do so.  


Fast fashion is overflowing the market. A lot of products are set out to only serve a quickly fading hype. We want to steer against such a wasteful idea in trying our best to give you a long lasting companion made from organic cotton. Thats why we use a high quality printing method and also work with sturdy embroidered design. Clothing made to last and to inspire.